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#30 Photos

  One thing that I’m learning to absolutely love about homeschooling is that we can still do some of the fun school traditions without actually having to be a part of traditional school.  Today we did this: school portraits.  A local studio offered a homeschool student special and we took them up on it!  I… Continue reading #30 Photos


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#29 Girls Weekend

Me and my girls had the opportunity for a girls-only weekend.  The boys were off doing Scout stuff yesterday and today.  So we had a fun couple of days.  It started yesterday afternoon with hair cuts including Rae’s first haircut!  Awwwwww.  Not to be biased, but I’m pretty sure these are the two cutest girls… Continue reading #29 Girls Weekend

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#28 Boos

Sometimes the poignant moments in my life aren’t when the girls are singing and dancing together and aren’t a pretty suburban sunset.  Sometimes the poignant moment is when you’re breezing into Target with the kids and you see this shirt.  It’s pretty lame and will probably be worn by 50-60% of the moms out trick-or-treating… Continue reading #28 Boos