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Keeping It Real


My left baby toe is broken. It’s almost 11 o’clock. I think I ate too much popcorn while watching Fixer Upper. But I laid there in bed willing myself to sleep and instead somehow convinced myself I needed to write this post. So here I am.

See, on the outside I’m a pretty run of the mill suburban stay-at-home mom. To add a quirky touch, I’m also a new homeschooler. We live in a tract home and have four kids, a dog and a minivan. I run the occasional 5k and go out with some girlfriends for Moms Night Out. Run of the mill.

On the inside, I’m analytical. I’m biting my lip while I type this.  I think about the life I’m creating for my children probably way too much. But not in the way other parents may think about… more like…

Am I giving them too much?

Am I allowing them to do too little?

What do they know?

How do they play and do they get dirty enough?

What skills do they have?

Which ones will they need?

What were my parents allowing me to do at their ages?

…What were people 100 years ago doing at their ages?

See, I told you I’m a little bit of a weirdo.

This blog is my attempt at holding myself accountable. And maybe finding other parents who think like I do. (Unlikely. Ha.) Honestly I just want my kids to have a fun and real childhood. Fun because they get to do cool stuff of their own accord – not just adult sanctioned and supervised activities and sports. Real because they learn important skills and values. I feel like our generation is mucking up this whole parenting thing a bit. It has become Parenting, capital P. I’m kind of over it and I’m only 7 years in!

My 10 Principles of parenting

  • I’m not convinced all my children need to go to a 4 year college to be happy and successful adults. (gasp!!!)
  • I legitimately think my children need to spend more time digging in dirt and climbing trees than they currently do.
  • I really do not want to supervise my children every minute of every day. I love them. But no. Nobody wins when we are watching and supervising them 24/7. Be freeeeee!
  • I think my kids can learn from a wide variety of people. Not just me or a teacher in a traditional school.
  • I feel like my kids have it SO easy compared to kids generations back and this isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  • I want to have fun with my kids. This doesn’t include setting up elaborate crafts and science experiments. It does include things like bowling and hiking.
  • I wonder where the whole “have cocktails with the other moms while the kids play outside” phenomenon went. Because it sounds pretty fabulous and I think parents need to do more of this and less of driving them to soccer practice.
  • I’m tired of taking snacks everywhere and I think it’s ok for kids to be hungry for more than say 20 minutes.
  • I think my children (and everybody else’s too) are highly individual incredible interesting people who need a lot of time to think, explore, be bored, be creative, and be dirty without any direction from an adult.
  • Fresh air, sunshine and a big wide open space can do wonders for all sorts of ailments.

Not only are those my parenting principles, they are my goals. See, I’m not really living up to them either. But I’m trying. And as I continue to work toward these goal/principles, I’m going to share with you how we’re doing on them. Sort of a real time report card.

I hope you’ll join me on our adventures.   On my less-emphasis-on Parenting parenting blog.  Talk to you soon!



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