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Kids Earning Income: They “Can” Do It!

So when I was a kid, we drank a lot of sodas.  It was the 80s, I think everybody did?  And we drank sodas out of aluminum cans.  We were a can household, not a 2-liter bottle household.  So the cans built up pretty fast and this was waaaay before curbside recycling was really a… Continue reading Kids Earning Income: They “Can” Do It!

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Whole 30 Week 1 Progress Report

Have you ever been hungover? How about from steak? Yeah me neither until yesterday.  Wow.  I’ll file this under #whole30problems! Today is DAY 8 of our Whole 30 journey.  I’ll give you an update of how last week went and I’ll share my steak hangover story.  But first I want to celebrate the fact that I’ve… Continue reading Whole 30 Week 1 Progress Report

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The Power of a Shower

I am going to preface this post by saying that yesterday was a poo sandwich.  It was crappy.  It was a day where we took our dog in for intestinal surgery, I was on day two of Whole 30 and subsequently was nauseous and had a migraine headache, I picked up and started wearing my Invisalign aligners… Continue reading The Power of a Shower

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Whole 30 or Bust!

Howdy!  How was your weekend?  Is it still going?  For me, well, it’s Monday, it’s President’s Day, and I feel like a fatty.  I gotta pull it together.  What was going to be a loosening of my usual eating standards over the holidays (ahem, 2 months ago) has turned into a food and drink free-for-all that’s… Continue reading Whole 30 or Bust!

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When They Go Out of Town

    My husband is out of town.  It’s me, 4 kids, and one dog for 4 nights.  On the surface, this doesn’t sound so awesome.  It’s a lot of flippin’ work.  My husband has been traveling for work as long as I’ve known him.  In the early days (pre-marriage, pre-kids), it was longer international… Continue reading When They Go Out of Town

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Pretty Suburbs

So it’s mid February and we’re basically having an early spring (helloooo El Nino, where are you?).  The kids and I took a walk down to the cul-de-sac across the street a couple days ago to ride scooters, cavort and basically enjoy the sunshine.  I snapped this photo to capture the mustard and green grasses growing… Continue reading Pretty Suburbs