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Pretty Suburbs


So it’s mid February and we’re basically having an early spring (helloooo El Nino, where are you?).  The kids and I took a walk down to the cul-de-sac across the street a couple days ago to ride scooters, cavort and basically enjoy the sunshine.  I snapped this photo to capture the mustard and green grasses growing in a little open space we have between areas of houses.

I have found that living in a mega-subdivision surrounded by other stucco houses has made me crave wild open nature.  Something as innocuous as a grassy, weedy, gravely area like this is precious.  It’s a little pathetic but I choose to just enjoy it with the kids and let them get muddy and sticker-y in it from time to time.  It’s good for all of us.




4 thoughts on “Pretty Suburbs

  1. I love it! I should let go sometimes and just take it all in. It is so easy to get caught up in the schooling, house work, raising children, wife life, and all the hats we wear. It is just refreshing to take a step away from it all and do something different, fun and relaxing. Good for you! Blessings!

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