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Whole 30 Week 1 Progress Report

My delicious and dangerous dinner.

Have you ever been hungover?

How about from steak?

Yeah me neither until yesterday.  Wow.  I’ll file this under #whole30problems!

Today is DAY 8 of our Whole 30 journey.  I’ll give you an update of how last week went and I’ll share my steak hangover story.  But first I want to celebrate the fact that I’ve stuck with this crazy plan for a week.  WOOOOOOOOO!

Ok back to regularly scheduled programming.

As I shared last week, I’ve decided to do Whole30 to cut my cravings and just detox a little (or a lot).  This isn’t necessarily about losing weight for me but just cleaning up my health and nutrition act.  So last weekend I did some reading and preparing and a lot of grocery shopping.

I started last Monday, February 15th.  I woke up with a dull headache (no doubt from the booze and excessive sugar I’d consumed on Sunday!), a snotty nose (sorry), and feeling pretty rested but probably because I took Tylenol PM.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and cut up roasted chicken.  I also had a handful of blueberries on the side and my usual green tea.  After breakfast I felt cranky and nauseous (yes really).  I made it to lunch and had a yummy arugula salad topped with prosciutto, carrots, kalamata olives, and Whole30 approved balsamic dressing with a handful of nuts on the side.  By 4pm I was cranky and hungry again.  I had another handful of nuts.  Dinner on Monday was roasted veggies, spaghetti squash, cut up roasted chicken breast, and green salad with the balsamic dressing again.  Yum!

Tuesday was actually worse.  I woke up with the headache again, despite eating completely clean on Monday.  My meals on Tuesday were similar but the headache worsened.  Also, and this is where things started to go sideways… I picked up my Invisalign braces that afternoon.  So now on top of a massive headache, hunger and crankiness, my teeth and mouth were sore!  I had a mini breakdown.  This was also the day we took our dog in for major intestinal surgery and I started my period.  It was just all WAY too much.  I ended up taking Excedrin for the headache and just powered through the day, counting the minutes until bedtime.

On Wednesday things began looking up.  I woke up headache free!  My diet stayed pretty consistent from there on out.  I started figuring out what I liked to eat that was Whole30 compliant.  I won’t go so far as saying I was happy with things, lol, but I was figuring them out and just the absence of a headache was a big plus.

So I thought I’d sum up my Week 1 with highlights that I experienced:

  • I slept deeply every night!  Even if I got woken up I was able to get back to sleep fairly quickly.  Also I found myself more tired by the time I got to bed.  I’m thinking that because I didn’t have a bunch of junk and sugar in my system, my body naturally knew that it was time to go to sleep.  No Tylenol PM needed all week!
  • My menstrual cramps were noticeably lighter.  Yes!  No Advil needed!
  • My teeth feel cleaner.  Probably because I’m not eating any junk whatsoever!
  • I’ve already started figuring out that my food habits are very much tied to my mood (no surprise there!) and that food really is one of my only escapes on a day to day basis.  As I suspect it is for many people.  I’ve had to learn to just deal with my feelings and moods as they’re occurring because I can’t turn to a sweet treat to prop myself up.  It’s been interesting.
  • My energy has become more consistent throughout the day.  I think this will continue to improve but I’m already noticing a difference.
  • A fun one: we hit up Chipotle on Friday for lunch and had a yummy and filling lunch there.  It’s nice to know I can eat out somewhere and completely adhere to the plan.  In case you’re wondering, the only Whole30 compliant meat there is the carnitas (pork).  So you can have that with lettuce, the green and red salsas and the guacamole – those are your options.  It will fill you up, especially if you double up on the meat or guac or both!
  • I am learning how much food I really need to eat to be full but not stuffed by properly portioning my protein and vegetables.  In fact I am weirdly excited that as I write this, I’m realizing I’m full from dinner and do not need an evening snack.  Yes!  Mission accomplished.  This is the first time this has happened since I started.
  • I actually don’t miss my junk food as much as I thought I would.  It’s odd to say that but it’s true.  Yes a piece of cake sounds amazing but I think because I’m so satiated most of the time, eating it just doesn’t sound good.  I think this means my cravings are subsiding!
  • Planning is my friend.  The more I plan, the easier this is.  Especially breakfast because it’s the first meal of the day and I’m barely thinking and because it’s the hardest for me because I don’t like eggs much.

A couple down sides from Week 1:

  • This program is no joke.  There’s the honest answer.  This is about as much willpower as I can muster.  Like they say in the book, beating cancer or losing a parent is hard.  This is not hard.  Well they’re right in the big scheme of things, but this is still hard for me in my little world.  But I’m sticking with it and haven’t cheated once.
  • You will spend a small fortune on food.  There’s just no two ways about it.
  • I was cranky and tired and felt yucky on several days.  They say this is all quite normal and to be expected (have you checked out the Whole30 timeline?  It’s great) at this stage of the game.

Which brings us to the steak hangover because I am still recovering from that.  So yeahhhh… my husband and I had a date night already planned Saturday night.  Once we started Whole30 we began strategizing on restaurants and decided upon a local steak house we like because well, we could get steak and then just a bunch of veggies.  So that’s what we did.  Iced tea for him, hot tea for me.  Crudités for our appetizer, along with some yummy ahi tartare, and then we ordered a couple vegetable sides to accompany our massive filet mignons.  We told our server about our dietary requests and mentioned everything had to be cooked in olive oil.  Our food arrived and the veggies and steak were indeed delicious…  I don’t remember the last time I finished a whole steak.  But we get home and my stomach is starting to gurgle and rumble.  We go to bed not long thereafter.  We both slept like crap.  Tossing and turning, up with the girls a couple times, my stomach was not happy and I felt gross.  I woke up Sunday, still felt gross.  It honestly felt like a minor hangover.  I think now that the steak was probably cooked in butter.  Oops.  Something definitely wasn’t compliant in our dinner and the butter is our guess.  SERIOUS lesson learned:  A) Be careful about going out to eat and B) this program works because we were feeling terrific before we had that dinner.  It steeled my resolve to keep going after waking up feeling so gross.  We both stuck to the plan today.

That’s my week 1 wrap up.  It has overall been a really good experience.  Besides the steak hangover, I’ve felt a little better everyday.  I look forward to more of those days as we continue this week.  This coming weekend I will be traveling with the boys so I have some serious planning to do before then to make sure I stay on track!





4 thoughts on “Whole 30 Week 1 Progress Report

    1. April, even though it’s tough, I think the benefits outweigh the hard parts! Knowing how healthy you are, I think you would love it. I think you should consider it and read the book to understand it all. I wouldn’t dive in. But what I love is that it’s only a month, and then I can add in whatever I feel works for me.


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