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Whole 30 Week 2 Progress Report

The crazy good #whole30 compliant tri tip spinach salad I had on our way to So Cal. With my own dressing of course!

Happy Monday and Happy Leap Day!  Today is DAY 15 for me of my first round of Whole30.  I can’t believe I have gone this far while eating completely clean and in compliance with the Whole 30 program.  This marks the halfway point.  WOOOOOOO!  I have never stayed so consistent in my diet in my life so I feel like just making it to this point is a major accomplishment for me.

How was your weekend?  Mine was pleasantly eventful!  I took our boys (7 and 5) to visit my dad for the weekend at his house in Southern California.  We had beautiful weather (sunny and 75!) and got to spend plenty of time with my dad and also see a good friend and her family.

While the visit was good, staying on track with #whole30 while traveling was difficult.  I’ll get to that in a bit.

This past week started off really well.  Week one was rough.  I had the nausea, headaches and crankiness.  By the end of the week I was feeling better though.  I’ve been sharing a lot of my meals on my Instagram, so if you don’t follow me yet on there, click on over.  I have the links in the right column.  Anyway overall I felt I got into a better groove with my eating over the course of week 2.  One thing I tried to focus on more was eating more protein at each meal, along with a healthy fat.  I’ve got the fruits and vegetables down.  I can eat sufficient quantities of those.  But I’ve learned I still need those proteins and fats to keep me full or I will get hungry before my next meal.  Which is fine, I can have a little snack, or just move my meal up earlier, but I will keep tweaking my protein/fat content in my meals to make sure I’m satiated.

I’ve also received the message loud and clear that it really is so much easier and more enjoyable to eat Whole 30 at home.  Yes it’s possible to eat it at restaurants, but you’d better really enjoy salads.  LOL!  After my steak hangover experience from week 1, I don’t completely trust restaurants to omit something upon request.  So I don’t want to chance it and salads are almost always safer because they’re uncooked and you can see all the ingredients clearly, and then just request oil and vinegar on the side as the dressing.

This past weekend, knowing full well that I needed to stick to my Whole 30 plan while driving long distances and staying at my dad’s I prepared as much as I could.  I took fresh fruit and cut up veggies to snack on.  When we got there, we hit the grocery store and I bought some compliant bacon, almond butter, and more fresh produce.  We went to a Mexican restaurant Friday for dinner.  I had shrimp over sautéed veggies, on a bed of lettuce.  And a crisp green salad as an appetizer.  As soon as the entree arrived I could see the oil on the shrimp and veggies.  I ate it and didn’t have any stomach issues, but I didn’t finish my dinner.  I was concerned it was probably soybean oil and it just didn’t feel quite right.  Saturday I made bacon and eggs for us so that was easy.  We went on a whale watching trip that day (I saw gray and humpback whales!) and went out for lunch at Mimi’s.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a really tasty Mediterranean salad on the menu.  I requested no dressing and no feta and it was delicious.  That night my dad was very patient in dealing with all my weird food requests and we had grilled chicken, a huge green salad with tons of veggies in it, and baked potatoes.  I seasoned mine with salt, pepper, garlic powder and fresh green onion.  Unfortunately though later that evening, I started getting stomach cramps and had some issues after that.  I don’t know what it was that I ate, but I was pretty miserable and went to bed early.  Something definitely didn’t agree with my system.  Yuck.

I am proud of myself for sticking to Whole 30 while on my weekend away but I am so glad to be home so I can shop and cook for myself and the family again.

Highlights and Lessons of Week 2:

  • Protein is definitely king in this diet.  As I mentioned, I am continuing to focus on this to ensure I stay full.
  • My sweets cravings are basically gone.  I really don’t have any daily cravings for anything like I used to.  Not Diet Coke, not cookies, not booze, really nothing.  Does a piece of cake sound good?  Yes.  But I don’t consider that a craving.  And it doesn’t mean I will be eating one any time soon!
  • My energy has been consistent this past week.  I worked out four times: 3 runs and one PiYo workout at home.
  • My sleeping is still solid.  I’m falling asleep more quickly each night and sleeping more deeply than I did pre-Whole30.
  • I hope it’s not my imagination but my skin on my face looks clearer.  I already have fairly even skin without too many blemishes, but I feel like it just looks a little shinier and healthier.  Yaaaay!
  • I learned it is possible to stick to Whole 30 while traveling.  It isn’t easy at times, but it’s definitely do-able with a little preparation ahead of time and planning for restaurant meals.  Salads at restaurants are your friends!
  • I feel a little slimmer and leaner than I did two weeks ago.  Finally getting rid of the pudge I accumulated over the holidays!

Overall I’m really pleased with Whole 30.  I’m so happy I had two friends who encouraged me to do it (and are still providing me support and guidance!).  I had never heard of it and now I’m singing it’s praises whenever someone asks me about it.  I know I can make it two more weeks!  And if I can do this, you definitely can too.





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