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Whole 30 Week 3 Progress Report

Whole 30 Dinner Menu for the Week!

It’s Monday March 7 and it’s DAY 22 for us on #whole30.  Have I mentioned how excited I am that I’ve made it this far?  This week I felt really great.  There was no traveling involved, I ate at home 95% of the time.  I only had one meal out and it was at Chipotle.  And honestly, I slept horribly that night.  I really don’t know what it was, but I tossed and turned all night and my stomach was rumbling.  Everything I ate at Chipotle was compliant so who knows…

Highlights and Lessons from Week 3 of Whole30

  • Sweets cravings still gone.  They’re just really not an issue.  The sweetest thing I ever eat these days is almond butter (no sugar or oil added) and I try to limit it to less than once a day.
  • Besides that one night, I’m still sleeping great.
  • A couple more NSVs I noticed this week (Non Scale Victories for you new to Whole30)
    • I have had bumps on the back of my arm basically my whole life.  I also had eczema on and off growing up.  I never knew why.  Well, I saw it mentioned somewhere that this skin condition is linked to either dairy or gluten intolerance.  So I checked the back of my arms and… the bumps are almost gone!  They’re there but much lighter.  Wow!  I had no idea this would be another benefit.
    • I have TMJ (jaw) issues sometimes.  I think it’s due to stress and that’s just where I carry it.  So the week before I started my jaw was really bothering me.  I’ve had my dentist X-ray it and we’ve talked about it.  Really the solution was always to take ibuprofen to reduce any inflammation.  Well, I just realized a couple days ago that my jaw hasn’t been bothering me at all!  I am almost certain this is due to an overall reduction of systemic inflammation in my body due to my new diet.  I am thrilled that I could make this kind of change without medical intervention!
  • My energy is still good.  It’s pretty consistent and I really don’t get very tired during the day.
  • Physically I am feeling trimmer and have been exercising pretty regularly.  It’s a great feeling!
  • I thought I’d share my dinner meal plan for this coming week.  It’s in the photo above too, a chalkboard hung near the kitchen table.
    • Steaks & Veggies – no recipe to share.  Simple and easy.  Scott will grill the steaks, I’ll roasted some brussels sprouts in the oven and we’ll have a green salad on the side.  My kind of meal!
    • Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce – I kind of wing it and make up my own pasta sauce recipe.  Maybe I’ll share it one day!  It’s so easy to make a good one from a 28 oz can of pureed tomatoes with some added oil and spices.  The sauce will have ground turkey in it.  Then I’ll make the squash in the microwave and the meat sauce will be served over that.  Green salad on the side.  The kids can have squash or pasta with their sauce.
    • Leftovers – need a recipe?  ha ha.
    • Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole – I am so excited to try this!  I’ve heard raves on the internet about it.  I think we will all really love it.  I plan on using Frank’s Hot Sauce in it.
    • Shepherd’s Pie – I have a really yummy turkey and cauliflower version of this classic.  I will share a recipe soon!
    • Turkey Chili – Easy and yummy and filling.
    • Salmon & Veggie – just what it sounds like, although this may end up being a leftovers day because we will be visiting family for most of the day.
  • If I haven’t mentioned it, there is a Whole 30 Facebook group that is super helpful.  Supportive and encouraging with lots of great meal and recipe ideas and you can get questions answered too.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  It was a good one and I feel like I have a pretty good plan for this coming week too.  I hope to get in 3 workouts too.

How was your weekend?  Hope you had a good one!

— Lisa






One thought on “Whole 30 Week 3 Progress Report

  1. Yay! You’re right there! I have that buffalo chicken casserole on the menu for tonight. I’m afraid the boys may not eat it, so I’b debating turning it into a lunch tomorrow instead! Let me know how you like it!


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