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Whole 30 Progress Report: I’m Done!

Eat The Rainbow!

It is Friday March 18.  And I’m DONE with my first ever round of #whole30!  I’m so happy it’s over, LOL, but also pretty proud of myself for completing this program.  I learned so much about not just nutrition but myself!  What I’m capable of and what foods make me feel good.

Here’s the summary of how my Whole30 went:

  • Started Monday February 15 and finished Tuesday March 15.
  • Never intentionally went out of compliance.  Had a couple incidents where I think I had some dairy at a restaurant.
  • My Whole30 included a trip out of town to visit my dad with my sons, a date night with my husband (where said non-compliant steak was eaten), a Cub Scout banquet, and a day outing to a museum with the kids.  In addition to the usual day to day activities: schooling, errands, park, workouts, appointments, etc.
  • Lost 4.6 lbs!  I was happy with this and had estimated I would lose 4- 5 lbs.
  • Non Scale Victories (NSVs)
    • Skin was smoother, clearer and more shiny
    • Slept like a rock consistently throughout the whole month!
    • Consistent energy throughout the day
    • Fewer mood swings
    • Got along better with my husband and had more patience with the kids.  No joke!  My husband and I were discussing how we felt we got along better this past month while on Whole30.  It improves marriages!
    • Eliminated my cravings for salty junk foods, sweets, alcohol and Diet Coke.
    • Eliminated my TMJ issues that I’ve had on/off for several years.  I do not have severe TMJD but I’ve had jaw troubles here and there.  Almost immediately after beginning Whole30 my jaw tightness, pain, and misalignment were gone.  Things I had been struggling with just a couple days prior to starting…
    • Fewer headaches
    • Minimized menstrual cramps.  I had the pleasure of having two periods during my Whole30, lol, and both times, my cramps were definitely less than normal.
    • Eliminated my need for Tylenol PM to sleep well at night.  I haven’t used it since early February!
    • Ate eggs every morning for a month.  This is crazy to me because I really don’t like them that much.  But I figured out ways to eat them with other proteins and vegetables and make it work.
    • Tried and enjoyed new foods like almond butter, coconut aminos, almond milk, spaghetti squash and ghee.
    • Learned to healthify a bunch of recipes and meal ideas I already use to make them Whole30 compliant.
    • Reduced the KP on the back of my arms.  I’m pretty sure it’s related to either a gluten or dairy intolerance.  I’m in the middle of our reintroduction phase so I will share another update after I complete this.
    • Felt leaner, trimmer and less bloated and puffy!
    • Just felt great in general.  Energetic, clear headed, and healthy!
  • Overall I really can’t say enough good things about my experience with Whole30.  I never would have thought I’d complete such a strict nutrition program but I think knowing it was only for 30 days made it seem more possible.  I’m SO glad my husband did this with me.  We have both agreed we wouldn’t have been successful without each other.  My other critical help was my two friends who were already a month in when I started.  They provided so much support and encouragement!
  • I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone.  Truly.  Anyone.  There are so many incredible stories about how many problems it clears up for people.  Energy, skin, hair, breath, cholesterol, weight, joint problems, general systemic inflammation, the list goes on and on.  The food we put in our bodies makes such a HUGE difference in how we feel, how we behave, how our brains work, how everything works!  I truly see that now.

Where am I going from here?

  • Some people continue on for another 30 days or more!  I do not think it’s realistic for me to eat this strictly forever.  So while I will not officially participate in the Whole30 program, I do plan on beginning with their reintroduction plan to see which foods negatively affect me.  I suspect dairy and/or gluten are going to be problematic.  So I will introduce them separately into my diet and see how I feel.
  • My husband and I have already decided we will basically eat Whole30 at home most of the time.  We do not see any need for most grains including breads, rice, and pasta.  We learned we can eat just fine on proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables.  The same goes for dairy, which isn’t a major food group for me anyway.
  • I will probably find a gluten free grain option for breakfast a couple days a week, to be enjoyed with sugar free (carrageenan free) almond milk.  Something like Cheerios or Chex.  I realize these are grains so I’m going to proceed cautiously and I suspect these will be some of the only grains I eat regularly.
  • I do plan on finding ways to do some baking for treats and holidays in a healthier manner (the other time I may eat grains).  I’ve found a couple blogs I plan to explore and test recipes from.  While I realize sugar truly is something to be avoided almost completely, I really love baking.  So I will reduce the frequency with which I bake and I will try healthier recipes using honey, different types of flour, and more whole ingredients.  I see this as deliberate intake of sugar on occasion, versus unknowingly eating it in something like cereal, a “nutrition” bar, condiments, etc.  Sugar is in SO many things, it really is crazy!
  • Alcohol consumption will be reduced to maybe once or twice a week and I will no longer be pairing my whiskey with Diet Coke.  I need to ban it from my diet completely.  (Yes I like whiskey!)
  • I will pay closer attention to how I feel after I eat!  I am so much more aware of how foods make me feel.  I hope that this will be a lifelong habit.


Thanks for coming along this journey with me.  It was only a month but it was a good month full of challenges, learning, and most importantly, health!  I will share another Whole30 update after I complete reintroduction.  Probably within a couple weeks.

Hope you have a great weekend and please let me know if you have any questions about Whole30!



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