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#2 The Lost Art of Car Washing


I gave my new car it’s first wash today.  I had four pretty awesome helpers to assist me.  It was mid-morning and the heat hadn’t yet settled onto the day.  My Yukon wasn’t super dirty but it was dusty and the inside needed a vacuum.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that washing cars is a lost art.  In fact I’ll go ahead and say that not only is it lost, it’s not considered an art.  Most people consider it a pain in the butt chore and relegate it to the local car wash.  However they weren’t raised by my parents.  When I was a kid, I was a professional car washer.  Almost.  I have joked many times to my husband that I should have been an auto detailer.  Every weekend growing up we washed our cars.  My parents almost always did it themselves and we had at least 3-4 vehicles at any given time.  So as part of our weekend chores, we washed.  I was trained early and well.  I was taught how to rinse properly, which soap to use, how to dry carefully, and how to thoroughly detail the inside.

So today, that is what I did with my own kids and they were great sports about it.  We got out all the gear (soap, bucket, hose with nozzle, sponges, rags, towels, step stool and brush).  We rinsed it off, washed, rinsed again, and dried.  I took over the cleaning of the inside, wiping it down carefully with a damp microfiber cloth.  I Windexed all the windows, and then vacuumed it out.

Washing a car isn’t the most glamorous work, but it’s real, it’s simple and it’s surprisingly satisfying.  Taking a dirty and dusty vehicle to a clean and shiny one in less than two hours is pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “#2 The Lost Art of Car Washing

  1. Daring of you to do it in broad daylight! Just wait… somebody is going to “bust” you on Nextdoor. 🙂 Can your kids wash my van? And show my kids how it’s done?


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