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#3 Walk on a Hot Day


It was a pretty ordinary summer day for us.  I promised Ty that we would go for a bike ride this afternoon while Rae was napping.  So in spite of the 95 degree heat, we set out at 2:30.  As we cruised slowly down this tree lined street near our house, I snapped these pics of the three big kids.

Ty on his bike, cruising comfortably on two wheels, leading the way.

TJ riding his little sister’s 3-wheel scooter in a fashion that only he would think of.  Why stand when you can sit?

And Dee, slowly coasting on her little sister’s pink tricycle, in her tulle skirted dress, bright pink helmet loosely perched on her head.  And as we rounded the corner for home, she showed me how to hold her hand while she pedaled her trike.  So we could do both at the same time: hold hands and cruise.

I’m glad we took the walk in the heat.


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