Daily Journal

#4 Local Gems


We have this place in town.  It’s a local chain.  I think there’s only a handful of them.  It’s the best.  A treasure.  A gem.  Did I mention that I really like it?  Let me share why.

It’s a cafe, a bakery and a taqueria.  They serve breakfast all day (YES), they have a full bakery with cookies and pastries.  THEN, they also serve yummy Mexican food for lunch.

They have a free chips and salsa bar, help yourself anytime you want.

They have a small kids play area with trains and cars.

Their bakery boxes are aqua.  I mean really, this is reason enough to love this place.

They make Asian chicken salads like the one that I enjoyed above.  YUM.

They play reggae.

The artwork on the walls is actual family photos of the owner and her family.

So this is where me and these three kiddos got to enjoy lunch today.

Love this local gem.  I hope it never changes.





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