Daily Journal

#5 Shiny Floors


Sometimes you wake up on a Friday morning and realize as you’re eating your cereal that there are ants crawling on your kitchen counter.  And then you notice there’s a trail of them leading from your sliding glass door across the wood floor.

So yeah this happened, but I made the most of it.  Maybe I got carried away.  I hand scrubbed the wood floors in our kitchen this morning.  It wasn’t something I planned on doing but they really needed it and I really wanted to get up all the dirt and grime and anything that would attract the ants so they were completely gone.  I went old school with hot water and vinegar.  A little elbow grease was required and my knees weren’t happy about it, but the floors sure gleamed.  And the ants are gone.  The kids got to watch a little extra TV and I got cleaner floors.  Probably a good deal for everyone.


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