Daily Journal · nature · suburbs

#16 The Cow


So we live in an interesting area.  Our little Bay Area suburban t0wn is one of the fastest growing cities in all of California.  There are new houses everywhere.  But… we live near the edge of town.  And because of that there are some rolling hills that actually have cattle grazing on them pretty close to us.  Every time I drive up the street toward our neighborhood I get to see the cows wandering around.  They’re on the hills, they’re between the hills and they’re in the grassy flat areas.

But without fail, there’s always ONE cow on top of the hill.  Every day.  She’s black.  And she’s up on the top of the hill for God and everyone to see.

Why is she up there everyday?

Is it the same cow every time?

Does the cow that claims the top of the hill scare off the other cows?

Do they have a mutually agreed upon rotation system?

I see the cow on the hill and these questions pop into my mind.  I like looking at this cow.  I feel like this whole scene has a purpose.

So every day when I drive by I check to see if the solo cow is on top of the hill.  And she is.  There is something very calming and purposeful about this.


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