Daily Journal · kids · parenting · play

#18 Simple Play


This little scene unfolded early this evening.  I was making dinner and sort of loitering in the kitchen.  I glanced out the sliding glass door to see this: Dee is on the swing, tongue out, blue shower cap on her head.  TJ is catching the handle of a jump rope, midair.  Ty is running around on the left, probably with the other end of the jump rope in his hand.  There are socks on the lawn.  There is a bean bag in the back, on top of a dog poop.

It’s pretty much a hot mess but it’s awesome too.  I’m so glad our kids get the opportunity to just be kids like this on a regular basis.  They are loud and chaotic and a lot of times I lose my patience with them, but I love watching the silliness.  Especially when it’s in the backyard.  Kids are fun.  God bless them.


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