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#26 Cotton for Fall


I’ve been itching for a cotton wreath for a couple months now.  I finally got one today!  I hit Hobby Lobby with the kiddos thinking I’d pick up a grapevine wreath and some extra cotton branches and make one myself.  I didn’t find the cotton branches but it didn’t matter because the wreaths were 50% off!  (Hit your Hob Lob soon for this deal!)  I love how simple, natural and rustic this wreath is and I plan on using it for both September and November.  (During October I have a fun Halloween wreath that I hang here.)

When I see these cotton branches they remind me of my last year in college.  My roommate’s family owned a very large cotton farm.  We went to visit her family one weekend during harvest, which is in the fall.  There was cotton blowing all over the highway.  I had a horrible cold and felt terrible, but I remember us getting out of the car to visit the “gin” which was actually a whole building dedicated to removing the cotton fiber from the boll.  It was really neat and a whole other world that I didn’t know much about.

So I will always think of this wreath as my harvest time wreath.  Perfect for fall and perfect of our rust colored front door.

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