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#27 September


This was my view this morning on my wun.  (walk/run)  The air was crisp and there was a breeze blowing.  There were beautiful, interesting clouds all over the sky.  This is looking toward the east where the sun would later burn through those clouds.  In the far distance, I could actually see light showers coming down.  It was a spectacular sight and one that I thoroughly enjoyed on this last day of summer.

Not only is it the last day of summer, September 21 will always be the day my mom passed away, two years ago.  From cancer.  It was a short nightmare, only lasting about 6 months from the day of detection to her final breath.  And so in an interesting way, this day, the twenty-first of September, will always represent the last day of summer and the last day of her life.

Rest in peace, Mom.  I know you’re looking down on us.


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