Hello there!  I’m Lisa.  I’m a run of the mill suburban mom with some non-run of the mill, out of the ordinary feelings about parenting.  Lower case p please.  None of this Parenting stuff.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I have four kids.  And I homeschool them.  So in some ways I am one of the Parents.  But I aspire to be a parent.  Just an ordinary person raising happy healthy mostly-balanced kids.  And enjoying a happy healthy mostly-balanced life of my own in the process.

I’m wife of almost 10 years (whoa) to Scott.  We are fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area of California.  We’re both California natives, me from So Cal (represent!) and him from here.

Our beautiful stinky kiddos are Ty, TJ, Dee, and Rae.  Yes that is four.  And yes in the Bay Area we are an anomaly.  We aren’t Catholic or Mormon and we have a lot of kids.  It sort of happened by accident but we love them and can’t imagine our life without this crazy, loud circus.  Ty (boy) is 7, TJ (boy) is 5, Dee (girl) is 3 and Rae (girl) is 2.

When I’m not writing a non-Parenting parenting blog I’m just a regular gal that really likes reading, sometimes running, having an early evening cocktail, obsessing over Fixer Upper, dreaming about a someday life in the country, planning date nights, baking, and ummm, keeping it real yo.  I am a bit of a homebody but am always itching to get out of town.  (Except for the packing, laundry and paying for it all).  I love pasta, Disneyland, my husband, my friends and family, our beautiful kids, a good night’s sleep, and a great lip gloss.

Check out my posts and thank you for stopping by!

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