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#6 Preparations

This represents about six hours of my day. Homeschool preparations.  It’s getting real.  We’re starting part time this coming week. It felt really good to sit down on the floor and dig in.  Making copies, assembling binders, and watching some favorites movies: The Family Man, Thomas Crown Affair, and Dan in Real Life while I worked. Even… Continue reading #6 Preparations

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Kids Earning Income: They “Can” Do It!

So when I was a kid, we drank a lot of sodas.  It was the 80s, I think everybody did?  And we drank sodas out of aluminum cans.  We were a can household, not a 2-liter bottle household.  So the cans built up pretty fast and this was waaaay before curbside recycling was really a… Continue reading Kids Earning Income: They “Can” Do It!